NanoTherm therapy is an innovative method of treatment, applied in malignant glial tumors, eg glioblastoma multiforme. A solution containing iron oxide nanoparticles is injected (during surgery) directly to the postoperative bed (on the wall of tissues surrounding the resection cavity). Nanoparticles are tiny molecules having a diameter of 15 nanometers that are very finely scattered in water. Then, after the surgery, the patient is subjected to a series of 6 treatments (during 3 weeks 2 treatments a week at an interval of at least one day between the procedures in the same week) using the NanoActival device that uses the variable magnetic field. In addition, cancer cells subjected to innovative NanoTherm therapy become more sensitive to the parallel radiotherapy or chemotherapy (if necessary). The nanoparticles introduced into the postoperative bed remain in it as an implant.There are special structures on their surfaces, so they can not move and do not violate healthy tissues.

NanoTherm therapy is carried out by experienced neurosurgery
doctors of Neurosurgery and Child Neurosurgery Department of University
Hospital no 4 in Lublin, supervised by Prof. Radosław Rola, MD, PhD